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Located at the centre of a large arable farm, Eligro Nature Reserve has been established. Already, an area of around 13 acres has been set aside to re-establish a wetland area that was destroyed in the 1940’s in the drive to produce more food.

Starting in 2013, over 1500 native wetland trees and wildflower were planted to help re-establish the wetland. Much of this has been securely fenced to protect the ponds and the flora and fauna within.

Beavers and water vole have been introduced into a part of this area and bred successfully in 2013, and hopefully again in the future.

An in-depth Bat Survey was also carried out in 2013 in conjunction with The Vincent Wildlife Trust. A comprehensive report published March 2014.

Going forward, we are looking to establish a bat roost area and build a Sand Martin nesting bank along with further facilities for other native endangered species.

For the past 10 years the farm was part of the Tir Gofal scheme and has now part of the Glastir Advanced scheme. Both of these projects have supported us in establishing conservation areas, and have also helped to reverse the decline of pollinators for our crops. We have also established many permitted access routes around the farm under these schemes.

Our aim is to provide educational facilities for the public to become more aware and sympathetic to the need for farmers to produce food, yet be able to protect and enhance the environment within the land on which they farm.

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Latest News

Our new wetlands reserve is now established. We are currently exploring ways for new educational and interpretive facilities in and adjoining the reserve.

We are currently looking for funding to build a new interpretation centre for the many educational groups that visit our centre every year. If you would like to get involved, please contact us.