Walk 3 – Mynydd Llangorse

7 km / 4.4 milesEnergetic (Fields/Steep Terrain/Open Hill)Approx. 4 hrs
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Follow Walks 1 and 2 until you reach point (I). At point I, continue around the field to the gate at the very top where it meets the minor road (J). Turn left onto the road (take caution), then immediately the next right into a field with a large oak tree near the bottom. Continue straight uphill to the gate at the top, then uphill across the next field through the gateway in the corner. Follow the hedge on your right until you reach the hill gate in the corner. Turning right through the gate, follow the bridleway along the base of the hill for approx. 1.5km until you reach the Cwm (L) and a set of two gates on your right. You will see the activity centre below you. Go through the gate and follow the gravel track to the next gate, then cross the large field to two stiles into a smaller field. After crossing the stile at the bottom of this field, you will be back at the activity centre (A).