Walk 4 – The Cwm

1 km / 0.6 mileEnergetic (Fields/Steep Terrain)Approx. 1 hr
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Starting at the ornamental lamppost near Llangorse Multi Activity Centre reception, proceed up a sloped walkway to a stile. Climb over and cross a small field to another two stiles and into a larger field. Head uphill and towards a big tree at the top, behind which is a gate. Take a moment to enjoy the magnificent panoramic view behind you. Go through the gate and follow a wide gravel track uphill, along the line of double fencing, to another set of two gates (L). Go through the gate. At this point, you will see another gate on your left. This is the entrance to a small field at the top end of which is a former shepherds cottage which has been renovated to commemorate the life of Kevin John Thomas. After visiting the shepherds cottage, return to the activity centre (A) by retracing your steps.